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CNA: China Has One of the Lowest Fertility Rates Globally

Primary Taiwanese news agency Central News Agency (CNA) recently reported that fertility rates in China are now among the lowest in the world. According to projections, the country’s trend of negative population growth will continue until the 2070s or 2080s.

In 2015, Beijing announced the end of its one-child policy, which had been in place for decades. The two-child policy was enacted the following year, followed by a three-child policy in 2021. These attempts to mitigate the country’s low birth rates have met with little success.

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China in January this year, China’s population in 2022 decreased by 850,000 from the end of 2021. This was the first negative population growth in China in 61 years.

According to the article, China’s low fertility rate is attributable to three major factors: some people can’t afford children, some don’t want to have children, and some are not able to have children. The financial factor is due to unsatisfactory material conditions, such as housing pressure and low disposable income. Reluctance to give birth, on the other hand, stems from psychological factors. The government does not have many options to change the situation.

The future of China’s demographic structure looks quite pessimistic.

Source: CNA, August 12, 2023