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Chinese MSS: Retired Cadres Plotted “Death Squads” to Topple Regime

The China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) website revealed that in 2016 it uncovered and foiled a plot by a retired school official in Yunnan province to “violently overthrow the government.” The official, surnamed Su, had posted anti-government rhetoric online for years before contacting members of a “foreign hostile organization” to purchase weapons and recruit “death squads” for what he called the “Benghazi Project of China.” Su planned to carry out violent operations to subvert state power. China’s state security organs reportedly identified and arrested all those involved while the plot was still in early stages of planning.

The MSS said this case reflects the threat of “color revolutions” (referring to revolutions in post-Soviet states attempting to establish Western-style liberal democracy) and other attempts by “hostile forces” to undermine China’s political system and Chinese Communist Party leadership. “Political security is the foundation of national security,” it emphasized.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), August 15, 2023