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Xi’an Government Threatens to Punish Families of Alleged Fraudsters Staying Abroad

The Chang’an Branch of the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau, Shaanxi Province, issued a notice on August 14 regarding individuals staying abroad who are “highly likely to have engaged in fraud.” Among those mentioned were those “staying in northern Myanmar,” “staying in the Golden Triangle,” “staying in the UAE,” and “staying in Cambodia.” The article didn’t name specific crimes committed. {Editor’s Note: This might refer to people involved in the crime rings of Internet fraud operated in those areas, but it may also include people trying to escape the communist regime by going to those countries to apply for asylum.}

The notice stated that “those individuals involved in fraud who are illegally staying overseas” must return through official channels by September 10. They must also report to local police stations 14 days before entry to China. Failure to comply with the order would result in “the individual and those within his/her direct three generations being subject to strict scrutiny during political examination when applying to join the Communist Youth League, the Communist Party, and the military, or when applying for the jobs of civil service and positions supported by public funding.” The term “three generations” include grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren.

Source: Radio France International, August 16, 2023中国/20230815-西安通告-家有嫌犯不归-查直系三代