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People’s Daily: Commentary on Intensive Visits That Members of the Standing Committee Made in July

People’s Daily published an article that reported the comments from experts on the intensive visits that members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau made to a number of different regions during July. The article said that those visits were an indication that the political bureau is gathering firsthand information to prepare for the upcoming fourth plenary session of the Party’s 18th Central Committee. According to the article, the fact that all the visits they made to these sites included stops at the local manufacturing companies indicated that the members were evaluating the effectiveness of the economic stimulus plan that the central administration had initiated. Meanwhile, the article suggested that the visits to the Ningxia autonomous region and Gansu and Fujian Provinces could indicate that the central administration might speed up of the development of the “Silk Road economic belt and the 21st-century maritime Silk Road” strategy. Lastly the article said the fact that more visits were made to the regions that had minority nationalities was a sign that the central administration intends to improve the living standard in these areas in order to minimize ethnic conflicts.

Source: People’s Daily, July 25, 2014