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People’s Daily: Profoundly Comprehend and Grasp The Great Struggles in the New Era

People’s Daily published an article that explained “The Great Struggles in the New Era.” The author, Han Qingxiang, is Deputy Superintendent of Education and Professor of the Central Party School. The article stated, “Our [Communist] Party’s task is that ‘[we] must prepare for great struggles with many new historical features.’ This is based on the scientific judgment of a series of major challenges, trials, and dangers that our Party faces at this stage.” 

The article listed the following forms of “the great struggles” that the Chinese Communist Party currently faces:   
The first is the competition for resources. The second is the currency war. On the issue of the statehood that is being established, the United States and other Western powers pay special attention to financial strength; they strongly defend their world dominance with their own countries’ or regional currencies. It is an indisputable fact that, after the 2008 international financial crisis, some Western countries tried to suppress the renminbi. Research shows that currently some Western countries continuously stir up trouble in our neighboring countries. One of the main purposes in doing so is to stimulate money flowing to the hegemonic countries. The third great struggle is to grab the market. The fourth is the ideological struggle. The countries involved in power politics and hegemony intend to fight a "war of no smoke" with our country. They use "freedom, democracy and human rights" as their banner to penetrate our country ideologically. Fifth is the conflict over territories. Sixth is the anti-corruption struggle. Seventh is the struggle over cyberspace. The competition for users between “angels" and "devils" in the cyber world has become increasingly prominent. The struggle in the real world is also reflected in the cyber world. Eighth is the fight against ethnic separatism. Our country is a multi-ethnic country. Western hostile forces never give up the thought of sabotaging our country. They often stir up all kinds of trouble in the country, create ethnic rifts, and engage in ethnic separatism. 
Source: People’s Daily, July 23, 2014