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What Does the Showdown Between Xi Jinping and Zhou Yongkang Tell Us?

The day after Xinhua announced the downfall of Zhou Yongkang, it published a blog commentary entitled “What Does the Investigation of Zhou Yongkang Tell Us?” 

According to the blog commentary, first, the showdown indicates that the anti-corruption movement is pressing ahead with no return. Second, Xinhua‘s announcement did not call Zhou Yongkang “comrade” indicating a fundamental change in Zhou’s case. Third, it shows that the anti-corruption campaign has no ceiling and will go after anyone who is involved in corruption. Fourth, retirement does not shield corrupt officials from an investigation. Even after a corrupt official retires, he may still be brought to justice. Fifth, there is no scapegoat for corrupt officials. They will be held accountable for their own actions. The fall of other corrupt underlings in the past has paved the way to investigate higher-ranking officials. Sixth, there is no special procedure – even Zhou Yongkang has to be subject to the investigation of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party. 
Source: Xinhua Blog, July 30, 2014