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“Creative” Fees and Charges Emerge in China

A recent report listed a series of “creative” charges in China, driven either by profit-seeking motives or the necessity to survive a sliding economy.

  • High School Air Conditioning (AC) Service Charges: A high school opted to outsource its AC services to a company. To recoup equipment and installation costs, the company levied a fee of 9.9 Yuan per hour for each classroom and 3.9 Yuan per hour for each dorm room when students used the AC.
  • Hotel Charging Cable Fees: Some hotels have introduced fees for using their charging cables to power mobile devices, a service that was previously complimentary.
  • Massage Chairs in Public Spaces: A train station replaced its standard chairs with massage chairs, and numerous movie theaters have installed massage chairs in its premium seating areas, offering these seats at a higher price.
  • Nap Fees at High Schools: Recognizing the post-lunch nap habit among Chinese people, a high school instituted varying fees for students who wishes to nap on a bed, mat, or desk (where students sit with their arms on the desk and rest their heads on their arms).
  • College Library Study Rooms: Several colleges have transformed library rooms into “private study rooms” and imposed charges for their use, diverging from the traditional concept of libraries as free study spaces.

Source: QQ, September 5, 2023