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State Media Link Jiang Zemin with Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai

The People’s Daily website published a series of pictures with texts under each of them titled, “Charts: The Mysterious Petroleum Billionaire behind Zhou Yongkang.” 

The charts show that Zhou, the former Minister of Petroleum, has tightly controlled the petroleum industry through extensive and close connections both in and outside of the government. Most of these connections have been prosecuted or placed under investigation.  

The final chart shows the personal profile and rise of Zhou identifying him as part of petrochemical fraction and as someone who “knows Jiang Zemin and Bo Xilai well.” On July 29, Xinhua announced that Zhou was placed under investigation for "serious disciplinary violations.” On September 22, 2013, Bo was found guilty of corruption, stripped of all his assets, and sentenced to life imprisonment. 

The charts are no longer available on the People’s Daily website, although the title remained. 

Source: People’s Daily reprinted by Tencent Financial, July 31, 2014 (See title of the article listed)