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Xi Jinping Orders Comprehensive Improvement of Troops’ Ability for War Preparation

Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping inspected the 78th Army Group on September 8th, ordering improvements in war preparedness and ability to fight. Xi emphasized implementing the military strategic policy and innovations in management and operations for the new era’s strong army concept.

Xi was accompanied by Vice Chairman Zhang Youxia of the Central Military Commission. Xi said the 78th Army Group needs to enhance military struggle preparation, strengthen specialized training in difficult courses, build new high-quality combat capabilities, and integrate joint combat systems.

Xi also said Communist Party building in the troops must be strengthened to implement the spirit of the All-Military Party Construction Conference. This will increase creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness of Party organizations. Grassroots troop education and high levels of centralized unity and stability are also crucial.

The second round of thematic education should be carefully organized to solve troop development bottlenecks, solve officer and soldier problems proactively, and create new progress in army group construction.

In July, Xi visited the Eastern Military Zone authorities, saying war and combat planning should be deepened, joint combat command systems strengthened, and combat-oriented training conducted to accelerate capability improvements for winning.

The Eastern Military Zone covers six provinces near the Taiwan Strait and East China Sea. Xi’s recent visits emphasize building up China’s military strength and readiness for conflict, particularly regarding Taiwan.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), September 11, 2023