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Chinese Singer Accusing Ukraine for Killing Its Own People

Chinese singer Wang Fang blamed Ukraine for killing its own people, creating episode number two after her visit to the Mariupol Opera House in Ukraine, where she sang the Russian patriotic song “Katyusha.” The actions of Wang and the group she was with, known as the “Chinese self-media delegation,” drew strong criticism from the Ukrainian government and the international community, since Russia bombed the Opera House, resulting in the deaths of hundreds, including many children.

Upon returning to Moscow, the four people from the group held a press conference. Wang said, “When I saw that the Ukrainian Nazis were killing the children in the Donbass, a wave of anger went through me, so I decided to come to the Donbass to help the children.” Her husband, Zhou Xiaoping, an internet writer known for promoting communist and leftist ideologies, placed blame on Ukraine rather than Russia for the destruction of the theater. He also echoed Russian propaganda by asserting that Russia was protecting the local population from NATO attacks.

Source: China News Center, September 11, 2023