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Xi Jinping: Willing to Give up Personal Life to Fight Corruption

Xi Jinping recently made a statement that he is willing to fight corruption even at the cost of his personal life or personal fame. In its August 4th edition, Changbaishan Daily, a local newspaper in Changbaishan City, Jilin Province, made Xi’s statement its headline article.

Xi’s original statement, which was reported to have been given at the new round of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection’s local inspection tour, was "[We should] fight corruption. [Our] personal lives or deaths and our personal reputations or blame do not matter. Since the Party and the nation have given their future and their fate to us, we need to shoulder this responsibility."

Xi’s speech also mentioned that, currently, the battle between the corruption group and the anti-corruption group has reached a "stalemate." Wang Qishan stated that the anti-corruption situation is "still severe and complicated." He also stressed that the battle is a critical political issue in which officials need to decide which side to take.

Several media in China republished the article. However, in the U.S., as of the morning of August 5, they were no longer available. Searching Xi’s Chinese words "与腐败作斗争,个人生死,个人毁誉,无所谓" on Google resulted in several broken links. The article is no longer viewable on the Changbaishan Daily website either.

Source: Unavailable on web. Chinascope has a copy of the republished article from one website.