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People’s Daily Calls for Officials to Implement Policies Proactively

The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, published a commentary emphasizing that it is imperative for government officials to implement decisions and policies set forth by the Party’s Central Committee. The paper’s call to action comes amidst growing concerns in China regarding an increase in recent times of officials adopting a passive attitude.

The article highlights a statement made by Xi Jinping during his visit to Jiangsu urging officials to “meticulously implement the Central Committee’s decisions without compromise and carry out the implementation with a proactive, resolute, persistent, and problem-solving mindset.” The commentary further points out perceived deficiencies of some officials, describing their actions as “sluggish and procrastinating, selective – focusing only on tasks they agree with while neglecting others, superficial – aimed at appearance rather than substantive results, and evasive in responsibility.”

Source: People’s Daily, September 19, 2023