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Qiushi Theory: Comments on China’s Spokesperson Policy

Qiushi Theory published an article in which it commented on the current policy regarding spokespersons. The policy was developed in 1983. The article said that guidelines are needed that will provide a better definition of what information the spokespersons can share and the process they should follow. It pointed out that the abilities and qualifications of the spokespersons are also important. In addition to solid professional capabilities, they should hold a firm political stance and recognize political trends with political sensitivity. The article also suggested that the spokespersons should form a team to provide assistance. That team should: collect, study, and analyze different social information; be capable of making friends with the media; build a channel that will disseminate the information while collecting feedback from the public; build a network of teams that will act as messengers and who will circulate policies within their network; and collect information and voice opinions when needed.

Source: Qiushi Theory, August 8, 2014