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Beijing Times: Many Positions for Deputy Provincial Level Officials Yet to Be Filled

China News Service carried an article that Beijing Times had originally published. According to the article, since the 18th National Congress was held in November 2012, over 40 deputy provincial level officials were removed from their posts due to corruption charges. Even though 17 of those positions have since been filled, many still remain vacant. The article said that media reports with announcements about the candidates who filled the positions are also lacking. A scholar told Beijing Times that the central administration is extremely cautious when selecting candidates. The article also suggested that the fact that these positions have not been filled does not appear to have had a major impact on the daily workload as the officials at the next level have picked up some of the work. The article said that the Central Administration would rather leave the positions empty than fill them with someone who is not appropriate. It can thus minimize any additional negative consequences.

Source: China News Service, August 18, 2014