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Guangming Daily: The General Public Is Losing Trust in the Current System

Guangming Daily published an article written by a scholar from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The article stated that the general public is losing trust in the current system and many people may resort to political action or violence when there is conflict. This is having a serious impact on the stability of today’s society. According to the article, some Party officials have become detached and have stepped over to the opposite side of the people; they seek political gain, while depriving the people of the right to speak up and defend their own interests. The article concluded that in order for the government to operate in a healthy manner, it should make a priority of regaining the people’s trust. The article also quoted a survey result which showed that over 40 percent of the public does not trust the work that local governments perform. The top three areas with which people are most dissatisfied include clean government and the anti-corruption effort; the subsidized housing policy for middle to low income groups, and the transparency of government information and work.

Source: Guangming Daily, August 15, 2014