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First International Order for China’s C919 Airplane Comes From a Chinese Company

Chinese media reported that Brunei’s Gallop Air has signed a letter of intent to purchase 30 aircraft. The purchase wil l include fifteen C919 models and fifteen ARJ-21 models from the China Commercial Aircraft Co. This marks the first C919 order and the second ARJ-21 order from an overseas airline. The deal was valued at US$2 billion.

The C919 is China’s first domestically-developed jetliner, seating 158 to 192 passengers and having a range of 4,075 to 5,555 kilometers. The ARJ-21 is a Chinese-produced regional airplane seating 78 passengers.

It turns out that this international order actually originates from a Chinese company.

Chinese media reported that the Gallop Air (骐骥航空), though operated in Brunei, is a private company based in China. The company was established in August 2021, registered with 10 million Yuan capital. Its full name is “Qi Ji Aviation Industry Development (Shaanxi) Co.” (骐骥航空产业发展(陕西)有限公司).

The first international sales of the Chinese ARJ-21 model, sold to Indonesia’s TransNusa, was also backed by China’s state-owned funds.

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