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People’s Daily Online: The U.S. Has a Double Standard on the Internet Freedom

A People’s Daily Online commentary criticizes the U.S. for having a double standard on Internet freedom. “On one side, U.S. demands that other countries provide unrestricted ‘Internet freedom,’ using this to exert diplomatic pressure and seek hegemony; on the other, it applies strict Internet control domestically. 
“In an emergency situation, the (U.S.) federal government has the absolute right to close down the Internet; in the name of anti-terrorism, the U.S. security authorities can eavesdrop on private phone calls, monitor personal online communication, and set up an ‘online water army’ to dilute unfavorable comments with fake information.” 
The article concludes that “It’s a violation of human rights and an act of interfering in other country’s Internet sovereignty. … The intention is clear: (everyone else) should listen to the direction of and observe U.S. orders, but (the U.S.) can occupy and attack wherever it wants, relying on the Internet to seek its own interests.”
[Ed: “online water army” is a Chinese term referring to people, usually temporarily hired, who manipulate social media by using fake online personas to influence Internet conversations.]

Source: People’s Daily online, April 11, 2011