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Photonmedia: Hong Kong Tourism From Mainland China 30 Percent Lower Than 2018

Hong Kong news site Photonmedia recently reported that post-COVID recovery in Hong Kong tourism has not been as expected. The Hong Kong government hoped to revive the island’s economy after Beijing lifted its Zero Covid policy, resuming fireworks displays and a series of night-time activities.

Recently China had an eight-day holiday starting from the beginning of October. Compared with 2018, the number of Mainland tourists and tour groups entering during this year’s October holiday is down nearly 30 percent. In addition, the way tourists travel in Hong Kong has also changed, and they no longer spend large amounts of money.

According to the daily immigration statistics of the HK Immigration Department, there were 514,000 arrivals on October 1, of which 178,000 were Mainland tourists; 20,000 were foreign visitors from outside China and Hong Kong. Compared with October 1, 2018, both figures fell by approximately 30 percent.

The number of tour groups visiting from the Mainland also continues to decline. On October 1, 2017, about 200 tour groups visited Hong Kong; in 2018, this number dropped by nearly half; as of this year, there are only 75 groups.

The Hong Kong government originally hoped to use the region’s well-known fireworks displays to stimulate tourism-related industries, especially hotel occupancy rates. However, many Mainland tourists have been visiting Hong Kong on a “one-day trip” basis. A popular online tour guide even suggested “If you bring food on this day, about 100 yuan (around US$14) should be enough. There is no other expense”.

Source: Photonmedia, October 2, 2023

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