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PLA Daily: “Don’t Rely Too Much on High-tech Equipment”

People’s Liberation Army Daily (PLA Daily), the official mouthpiece of the Chinese military has published an opinion article titled “Don’t rely too much on high-tech equipment.” The article, published on October 24 follows the imposition of U.S.-led computer chip sanctions aimed at curbing China’s ability to build out its military force.

The article states “[we should] avoid breeding arrogance through over-reliance (on weapons and equipment). As Engels said, guns do not move on their own; it takes a brave heart and strong hands to use them.” It goes on to say, “Throughout the history of human warfare, the well-equipped army is not always victorious, and the technologically advanced party may not be the ultimate winner of the war. If an army relies too much on advanced technology and excellent equipment to the neglect of physical exercise and the training of fighting spirit, it is easy to breed ‘arrogance’ and ‘squeamishness’. This leads to lack of aggressiveness and combat effectiveness under harsh combat conditions.”

The article says that, during “the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea” (i.e. the Korean War), a captured American company commander said “the U.S. Army troops pay far too much attention to weapons and equipment to the serious neglect of combat strategies, tactics, and the will power of officers and soldiers. This may be the reason why we were often defeated by the Chinese People’s Volunteers (CPV) army”.

The article concludes with the following remark: “In the battlefield of the future, even while in possession of high-tech equipment that can compete with the strongest of enemies, we cannot neglect to sharpen our spirit. Just as it is important to upgrade our weapons and equipment, we should also strengthen the fighting spirit of our officers and soldiers — to have no fear of suffering and death.”

Source: (Phoenix), October 24, 2023