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Huanqiu: Patriotism and Love for the Party Are the Same Thing

State media, Huanqiu, published a commentary titled “In China, Patriotism and Love for the Party Are the Same Thing.” 

The commentary acknowledged that it is common in China, particularly among young people, for people to be patriotic but not to support the Communist Party. This is “because Western countries have taken advantage of China’s open door policy to do ideological infiltration.” 

“We advocate that, if one loves China, he should love the Chinese Communist Party. The key to patriotism is to love the Party.” The reasons for this statement are: first, that patriotism and love for the Party are consistent with each other; second, the Western multi-party system does not represent the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of China’s people; and third, the Communist Party is the key to running things in China. 
The commentary concluded, “To be patriotic, Chinese citizens must love the Communist Party. Anti-Communism will destroy China. For every Chinese, the true measure of patriotism is whether one loves the Party or not.” 
Source: Huanqiu, September 10, 2014