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Notice from Ministry of Organization Causes Wave of Withdrawals from EMBA Programs

Xinhua carried an article that Beijing Times had originally published on the wave of Party cadres who have withdrawn from enrollment in executive MBA programs. This phenomenon was due to the fact that, on July 31, the Ministry of Organization issued a notice that prevents Party cadres from participating in high cost training programs, including the EMBA (Executive MBA), without the approval of the human resources department. The notice also required that the participants should be responsible for all training expenses themselves and can’t accept any form of scholarship from any organization. According to the article, the tuition expense for EMBA programs varies. Some can cost as much as US$100,000 a year. Previously, not only could the cadres enrolled in the program have the government cover their expenses; they could also take the opportunity to promote themselves and build their personal network with other participants. The article said that the notice is part of a series of anti-corruption measures that have recently been introduced.

Source: Xinhua, September 15, 2014