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Xinhua Commentary: China’s Social Mentality Crisis Is Getting Worse

Xinhua published a commentary expressing concern about an increase in the level of "negative social mentality" among the Chinese people. The commentary stated that the Chinese have become a group of people who seek material gain without any spiritual pursuit. It observed that, if the Chinese people do not pay attention to spiritual transformation, the ongoing social changes and the transformation going on in China will only contribute to GDP growth with no values added to mankind’s spiritual enrichment. The article listed the negative mentalities that Chinese people have. These include being impulsive and loud, deceiving others, speculating, showing off their wealth, feigning poverty, committing violent acts, and being apathetic.

[Editor’s note: In 2012, Chinascope published its series, Moral Crisis in China. See Part I; Part II; and Part III for a more complete description of this crisis.]  

Source: Xinhua, September 14, 2014