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CCP Tried to Prevent Overseas Commentator From Talking About Li Keqiang’s Death

After Beijing announced the former Premier Li Keqiang’s death on October 27, there have been many Internet discussions about whether the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) assassinated Li.

Cai Shenkun (蔡慎坤), the well-known Internet commentator on China’s current affairs who first reported the fall of China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu, implied in a tweet (on platform X) that Li Keqiang’s death was a hit: “Some important sources have revealed the true cause of Li Keqiang’s death, which is truly unbelievable and shocking! In the (CCP’s) fast-moving meat grinder, every person, even so-called high-ranking national officials, is still like ants, utterly lacking in dignity and value!”

On October 31, Cai reported that the CCP asked him to stay silent on Li’s death. His post on platform X said “The CCP is very dissatisfied with me discussing sensitive topics abroad, especially the sudden event involving Li Keqiang. The police from my place of residence came to intimidate me once again, causing deep fear for my family and loved ones! Several friends who have not yet retired also sent messages through intermediaries, advising me not to focus on domestic current affairs, which (they said) would be beneficial to both myself and others.”

Source: NTDTV, October 31, 2023