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Xinhua: Western Think Tank Stated That Washington Scripted “Occupy Central”

Xinhua reported that Tony Cartalucci, a researcher from the think tank "Land Destroyer" published an article in which he maintained that the U.S. planned the current "Occupy Central" event in April of this year.

The Xinhua report stated, "When Martin Lee, founder of the Democratic Party in Hong Kong, and Anson Chan, Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary under British rule, visited the U.S. in April, they held a meeting with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI), funded by the State Department, on their plan, the leaders, and the agenda for the ‘Occupy Central’ movement."

"Cartalucci stated that the U.S. has provided funding and support for ‘Occupy Central,’ and that the people directing ‘Occupy Central’ are not Hongkongese who participated in the movement, but Washington and Wall Street. … The true agenda of ‘Occupy Central’ is not about having a real vote in Hong Kong, but getting the foreign-backed political cabal behind ‘Occupy Central’ into power, ‘soft’ colonizing Hong Kong, and further dividing China."

[Land Destroyer has been described as a blog that critiques the "corporate-financier oligarchy" and never condemns any U.S. enemy (]

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