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China’s State Media Touts Three “Highlights” of Li Keqiang’s Russian Visit

China’s state media, People’s Daily published a commentary on Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Russia to attend the 19th regular meeting between the prime ministers of China and Russia. The article touted the strategic cooperation between China and Russia. It listed three highlights of the visit’s accomplishments. The first highlight was that "the potential for Sino-Russian relations is far from exhausted. Take the economic and trade exchanges [as an example]. Russia expects that, next year, trade with China will reach US$100 billion; it will reach US$200 billion by 2020. Mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation is just one of the highlights of Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Russia." 

"The ‘one channel and one [rail]way’ initiative to connect China and Russia for the Russian Far East mega development marked the second highlight of the visit. Li Keqiang’s visit to Russia is expected to accelerate the inland cooperation between China and Russia."  
“Highlight three was that China and Russia will give strong political support to each other. They agreed to prepare together for next year’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory in World War II and to support each other on issues involving each other’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, security, and other core interests. China and Russia are both permanent members of the United Nations. Bilateral cooperation in the United Nations will help to strengthen the authority of the United Nations and defend the post-war international order.” 

Source: People’s Daily, October 15, 2014