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People’s Daily: Xi Jinping Discusses Negative Trends in the Culture Industry

People’s Daily published an article in which it discussed an important speech that Xi Jinping delivered during an arts and cultural forum held in Beijing on October 15. The article said that Xi not only laid out the Party’s expectations about cultural work in the current age; it also criticized certain phenomenon in the culture industry. It listed five major negative trends in the culture industry. According to Xi, the problem with art and cultural works include the following. They have become a slave to the market and only seek economic benefits. Those who work in the field only seek fame and success but are not willing to work earnestly on creativity. They are copycats of each other, focusing only on quantity but not quality. They are distant from reality, are filled with off-color humor and have vulgar contents. Finally, those who work in the field lack professional ethics and have a poor public image.

Source: People’s Daily, October 20, 2014