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Xi Jinping Holding Umbrella Won Top Photojournalism Prize

A photo of Xi Jinping, China’s President, holding an umbrella on a rainy day last year won China’s top photojournalism prize in the National News Awards. 

The official media, Xinhua, took Xi’s picture during the President’s trip to Wuhan, Hubei Province, on July 21, 2013. The photo shows that, holding an umbrella in hand, Xi stood in the rain with his pants rolled up to keep them dry. The significance of this top prize was noteworthy because of the Hong Kong government’s position against the on-going umbrella revolution in Hong Kong. 
Another Xinhua photograph of the disgraced Bo Xilai won the runner-up prize. The photo, titled “Bo Xilai Sentenced to Life Imprisonment,” shows that Bo was handcuffed while two police officers escorted him during his trial. The introduction to the photo said that with a steady presentation, rich in detail, and a strong sense of the actual scene, the photo brought to life the happenings in the courtroom and reflected the sacred, solemn atmosphere of the court. Reports indicated that the photo was widely popular and that 321 media companies had used it. 
Huanqiu, October 22, 2014 
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