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China’s Hypersonic Missiles Could Shoot Down U.S. B-21 Bomber, According to Simulation

The United States Air Force’s new B-21 bomber successfully conducted its maiden flight on November 10th at the Palmdale Air Force Base in California, prompting jubilation in the U.S. Chinese researchers, however, claimed that they possess a secret weapon to counter the B-21. A research team from a northwest Chinese university published findings in the “Chinese Journal of Aeronautics and Astronautics,” declaring success in a simulation where a B-21-like stealth platform and its drones were downed by China’s hypersonic air-to-air missiles reaching speeds of Mach 6. China’s advanced tactics involve flexible hypersonic missiles with solid fuel pulsejet engines, capable of adjusting power during flight and switching targets between attacking missiles, catching U.S. aircraft off guard.

Source: QQ, December 3, 2023