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Xinhua Summarizes the CCP’s Decision on the Rule of Law

The Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) passed the "CCP Central Committee Decision Concerning Some Major Issues on Comprehensively Advancing the Rule of Law (中共中央关于全面推进依法治国若干重大问题的决定)." Xinhua published an article listing 25 items to highlight the major points in the "Decision." A few points worth noting are:

12. Establish a mechanism to hold the decision maker accountable throughout his whole life [Editor’s Note: Implying even after retirement] for the major decisions he has made. Hold the administrative executive, other responsible leaders, and the related people who are legally responsible strictly accountable for decisions which involved a major mistake or which should have been adjusted promptly but were not and thus caused major damage or had a negative impact.

24. [China should] adhere to [the leadership of] the CCP’s Political and Legal Affairs Committee over the long-term. [Editor’s Note: It was Xi Jinping who took down Zhou Yongkang, the previous head of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee.]

25. The Party’s regulations and the Party’s discipline should be stricter than the country’s law. Party organizations and members at all levels should not only obey the law of the nation, but also follow the Party’s regulations and the Party’s discipline.

Source: Xinhua, October 28, 2014