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Chinese Netizens Tacitly Mock CCP Line on Philippines Conflict

A recent online video showed that tens of thousands of Chinese netizens collectively mocking China National Radio – a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mouthpiece.

On December 10th, China National Radio reported on a conflict between China’s Coast Guard vessels and Philippine ships in the South China Sea, putting full blame for the conflict on the Filipinos. Among the 50,000 comments in the comment section, the majority were not the patriotic responses that the CCP would have expected. Instead, they were comments on an irrelevant topic – the weather. People from all over China, from south to north, participated in these discussions, and the comments seemed quite amusing.

The responses were just weather at difference regions, such as “Guangzhou is hot again, when will it snow?” “When can I wear the new down jacket I bought this year, it’s so hot in Guangxi.” “Shenzhen is wearing short sleeves today, it’s so hot,” etc.

A netizen summed it up, saying, “The comments section is full of amazing people!”

Source: Aboluo, December 11, 2023