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China’s State-Media Expose Foreign Forces behind the HK Occupy Central

People’s Daily quoted a report from Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po about the illegal "Occupy Central [movement]." It said that that material supplies are endless and that some analysts have pointed out that the opposition, solely by itself, certainly cannot sustain such an undertaking. The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association’s environmental monitoring report on "Occupy Central" noted that, by a conservative estimate, the consumption of goods in the "occupied territories" within just one month comes to more than HK $250 million. Taking out the 20 percent of the materials that the public donated, a total of HK$200 million in goods came from unknown sources. The media article quoted "Legal scholars" who have questioned whether external forces provided these materials of unknown origin to support the "Occupy Central" activity. They urged the police and the Legislative Council to investigate. "If ‘Occupy Central’ is a crime, then anyone who provides material supplies is an accomplice."

Source:  People’s Daily, October 31, 2014