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Xinhua: State Council Information Office to Introduce Internet Security Laws

Xinhua reported that the State Council Information Office announced on November 2 that it will soon introduce the most comprehensive and up to date laws to regulate activities related to Internet security. According to the statistics that the Information Office released, by the end of June 2014, there were 632 million netizens in China. Of those, 527 million were mobile phone netizens. The Deputy Director of the Information Office said, “It has made China the largest mobile Internet market in the world and has also made the Internet the largest media platform in China.” The office listed the top eight illegal activities on the Internet. These include: publishing news releases using fictitious public institutions or media; transmitting pornographic information; creating announcements of  terrorist attacks; producing fake advertising; spreading rumors; making remarks that damage national unity; slandering others; and violating the privacy of others.

Source: Xinhua, Nov 3, 2014