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People’s Daily Claims U.S. Spends $1.5 Billion to Train Journalists to Write Negative Reports about China

People’s Daily quoted European scholar Jan Oberg stating that the U.S. has spent $1.5 billion to train Western journalists to write negative reports about China. Oberg said that the U.S. Congress passed a bill to spend such money five years ago.

Oberg claimed, “Now, those of us who have been to China or live here as Westerners see the complexity and vastness of China and can understand it from China’s perspective, resulting in different opinions. However, some Americans are different; they urgently need ‘enemies.'”

Oberg also stated that he did not see any threat to the U.S. in China’s foreign policy. He mentioned that China has not sailed warships off the coast of California or Florida; instead, it is the West that has “surrounded” China with naval vessels.

The article did not provide detailed information about who Oberg is.

Source: People’s Daily, December 19, 2023