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People’s Daily: Factions Break the Political Rule

On November 6, People’s Daily published a commentary that stated, "The second round of the Central Inspection Team’s Tour found that factions are a common phenomenon in many places."

The article criticized this common practice among officials in China. "Party members and cadres should remember that forming factions, providing benefits to officials, making decisions that follow one’s own way, or openly endorsing something while secretly objecting to it, are all not allowed in the Party. Cadres should understand that the ‘true protection’ [for themselves] is not ‘which line they take,’ ‘which circle they belong to,’ or ‘whose people they are.’"

[Editor’s note: Wang Qishan initiated the Central Inspection Team’s Tour as part of the anti-corruption campaign. Wang, to support Xi Jinping, has taken down many officials, including both high-ranking officials ("tigers") and low-level officials ("flies"). Many of these officials are from the faction of Jiang Zemin, former head of the Chinese Communist Party.]

Source: People’s Daily, November 6, 2014