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People’s Daily: New Designer Xi Jinping

People’s Daily recently published a long commentary describing Chinese President Xi Jinping’s past, present, and future positions on “The Reform,” which is widely recognized as former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping’s legacy. Deng enjoyed the well-known title of the “Chief Designer” of “The Reform.” The article pointed out that the first thing Xi did outside Beijing after being elected President was to visit the City of Shen Zhen and plant a tree in front the famous bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping. The author also mentioned that Xi quoted Deng in a book that Xi wrote 22 years ago expressing his confidence in “The Reform.” The article listed a number of Xi’s accomplishments made during the first two years of his current term, including mainly anti-corruption and the simplification of numerous government bureaucratic processes. The commentator expressed the belief that Chinese reform is now in “deep water” and decisive leadership is required for its continued success. Xi is laying out the roadmap for China’s next 30 years. The author concluded that Xi should be titled the “New Designer.” 
Source: People’s Daily, November 13, 2014