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Xi Urges Politburo Members to Report Issues Objectively, Not Just the Positives

At a recent Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Politburo meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the need for top leaders to “maintain high political sensitivity and unity under the centralized leadership of the CCP’s Central Committee.” He warned about “transforming non-political risks into political ones” and called for “objective and timely reporting of issues.” The CCP Politburo is a top decision-making body of the Chinese Communist Party, consisting of 24-members.

Xi said that members should uphold the authority of the CCP Central Committee, strengthen the “Four Awarenesses,” “Four Confidences,” and “Two Upholds.” Amid complex domestic and international environments, leaders must “grasp the strategic initiative” and “enhance foresight to see essence through phenomenon and understand situations politically.”

He stressed the importance of preventing and resolving political risks, promptly blocking various hidden dangers from turning into political ones. Leaders should “reflect real-life situations objectively, not just reporting good news.” Xi stated that members should adhere to “high-quality development over blind expansion, seek practical results rather than falsified data, and build long-term foundations instead of damaging finances.”

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), December 23, 2023