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Xinhua: Party Members Must Maintain the Sense of Crisis

Xinhua published an article listing the reasons that Party members must constantly maintain a sense of crisis. According to the article, the Party has always been dealing with complicated and arduous situations both domestically and internationally. It said that after the Party took power from the Nationalist Party, it had to solve such domestic problems as feeding the people while constantly dealing with threats and embargos that the U.S. directed from the West. Now, even though China has achieved advanced economic improvement, the Party should remain humble because it still faces different types of issues that have arisen due to economic reform. The article also said that the Party has suffered losses due to complacency but has also had success stories from overcoming complacency. It must continue its tradition of guarding against conceit and complacency in this new historical era. The article also quoted a speech that Xi Jinping gave during the "mass line" campaign at the grassroots level, saying that, if the Party can’t succeed, it will face the danger of elimination.

Source: Xinhua, November 23, 2014