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Red Flag Manuscript: Urgent Need to Maintain Weibo Ideology Security

Red Flag Manuscript, a journal under Qiushi, published an article in its 2014 Issue No. 23 on the security of ideology on weibo (microblogging), titled, “Several Trends Must Be Corrected to Maintain Microblogging Ideological Security.”  

The article stated that in the open forum of weibo, various ideological views are in competition with one another. “Views that discredit China and deny the Party’s leadership and the socialist system have gone viral on weibo. Not only do they create a variety of discourses which include violence and rumors, but they also have had a serious impact on the mainstream socialist ideology. It has become urgent to maintain weibo’s ideology security and, in particular, to be vigilant and correct the following trends.” 
“1. To prevent being deceived by Western ideology cloaked as ‘universal values.’ 
2. To prevent being a ‘nice guy’ on major issues that are spread on weibo
3. To prevent hostile forces from using social emergencies to manipulate public opinion on the weibo platform. 
4. To prevent the ideological development work from being disconnected from weibo users.  
5. To prevent the privatization and marketization of weibo and other new media."   
Source: Qiushi, December 12, 2014