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Xi Jinping: Strictly Governing the Party in All Areas

On December 16, 2014, Xinhua published an article on the new policies that Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party General Sectary, has proposed: Building a moderately prosperous society in all areas; deepening reforms in all areas; promoting the rule of law in all areas; and strictly governing the Party in all areas. Among the four “in all areas,” the last one “strictly governing the Party in all areas” is the new policy.

The article explained the different sub-areas of “in all areas” in terms of “strictly governing the Party.” “These include the Party’s ideological development, organizational development, mode of work development, anti-corruption development, and institutional development. All levels of the Party’s organizations must follow the requirement of strict governance of the Party and management of team members, and must normalize and institutionalize “strictly governing the Party.”

Source: Xinhua, December 16, 2014