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China Detains Alleged MI6 Spy

China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) announced on Monday (January 8th) that the head of a foreign consulting firm, surnamed Huang, was found to be spying for the British foreign intelligence agency MI6. According to MSS, Huang was recruited by MI6 in 2015 and established an “intelligence cooperation relationship” with them.

MSS claims that MI6 instructed Huang to enter China several times using his identity as a cover to collect China-related intelligence and identify potential recruits for MI6. Huang allegedly provided his MI6 handlers with “9 classified-level state secrets, 5 secret-level state secrets, and 3 intelligence reports.”

MSS states that MI6 provided Huang with professional intelligence training in the UK and equipped him with special espionage gear to facilitate intelligence gathering in China. Chinese national security authorities allegedly uncovered evidence of Huang’s espionage and have taken him into criminal custody. No further details (besides the surname) were provided regarding Huang’s identity, current status, or location. The MSS announcement did not elaborate on Huang’s background, which consulting firm Huang was running, or who his MI6 handlers were.

Source: Deutsche Welle, January 8, 2024