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Some Chinese Schools Prohibited Students from Celebrating Christmas

On December 24, 2014, someone placed a notice online that, at Northwest University (a university in Shaanxi Province, China) some banners about Christmas had been displayed on campus. The contents included such statements as: "Be cautious about Christmas"; "Oppose Western holidays that are in poor taste"; and "Resist the expansion of Western culture." The Communist Youth League Committee of the university and the students’ associations authored the banners. Some netizens posted that, on Christmas Eve, all of the students were organized to watch videos inside the classrooms. The videos were related to traditional Chinese culture. The teachers stood guard at the classrooms. It was said that whoever celebrated Christmas would be disciplined.
Coincidentally, the Board of Education of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province issued a circular that required schools "not to hold any Christmas-related activities on campus." An official from the Board of Education said, "In the past, we offered guidance on this kind of foreign holiday. This is the first time a more explicit notice has been issued."
Source: China National Radio, December 25, 2014