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Xi Jinping’s Instructions on Party Build-up in Universities

The twenty-third conference on developing the Party at national colleges and universities was held in Beijing on December 28 and December 29. General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping gave instructions that colleges and universities should shoulder the important tasks of studying and promoting Marxism and of training the developers and successors of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Xi emphasized that strengthening the Communist Party’s leadership on colleges and universities and strengthening and improving the Party’s development at colleges and universities is the fundamental guarantee that socialist colleges and universities with Chinese characteristics will run well.
Xi pointed out those factors that make a good socialist university with Chinese characteristics. One has to adhere to the principle of emphasizing moral character by integrating the education and practice of socialist core values into the whole process of teaching; to strengthen ideological guidance and firmly lead the ideological work at the universities; to uphold and improve the system in which the President is accountable under the leadership of the Party committee; to continue to reform and improve the institutions at universities; to advance the comprehensive development of the Party; and to play an effective role in grassroots organizations and an exemplary role of pioneer model Communist Party member. Xi gave the instruction that Party committees at all levels and the authorities in charge of ideological propaganda, personnel, and education should strengthen the leadership and guidance on the development of the Party at colleges and universities, adhere to the Party’s education policy, adhere to the socialist direction of education, strengthen and improve ideological and political work, and ensure a thorough and strict implementation of the Party’s discipline.
Source: Xinhua, December 29, 2014