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Xinhua: Major Signals in Xi Jinping’s Important Speech

On January 13, Xi Jinping gave a speech at the Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Communist Party Central Committee’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Xinhua interviewed a number of scholars and published an article delineating six major signals in Xi’s speech.

Xi had stated that China should "adhere to [conduct the anti-corruption campaign] with no-exclusion areas, full coverage, and zero-tolerance; seriously punish the corrupt elements; and strive to create a political atmosphere in which [people] dare not, cannot, and do not want to be corrupt."

The scholars that Xinhua interviewed read six signals from Xi’s speech:
1. A basic read of the situation: The situation in the anti-corruption fight remains severe and complicated. Not only did Xi make this exact statement, but he also stated that the campaign "has yet to achieve an overwhelming victory." Xi is still far from making substantive progress on seeing that officials "dare not, cannot, and do not want to be corrupt."
2. A firm determination to keep high pressure on the campaign.
3. A straightforward attitude to correct official’s improper working styles.
4. A clear requirement emphasizing [that officials] follow the Party’s discipline and its rules.
5. A regulatory focus: to strengthen supervision of the leadership of the state-owned enterprises.
6. A permanent cure: to revise a number of important Party regulations.

Source: Xinhua, January 13, 2015