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People’s Daily: Foster a Comprehensive Ongoing Approach to National Defense Education

People’s Daily published an article on conducting national defense education for the general public in China. The below paragraphs are translated excerpts from the article:

“Our army is the people’s army. Our national defense is the defense of the entire nation.

National defense education is comprehensive, long-term systemic work that emphasizes practical effectiveness and the public participation. Facing the current complex and challenging national security situation, it is essential to consistently regard national defense education as a strategic necessity.

Youth are the future of our country and thus the main focus of national defense education. It is crucial to incorporate national defense education into textbooks, classrooms, and student’s minds, sowing in young hearts the seeds of love for the Party, for the country, and for the military. We should leverage opportunities like military open days and military summer/winter camps to conduct effective national defense knowledge training.

Catering to the characteristics of the audience, national defense education should occur both online and offline, with both hardware and software being developed simultaneously. We should fully utilize local regions’ revolutionary culture (historical sites) and new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence.

National defense education is not achieved through a single event; instead, it needs to be integrated into daily life and pursued regularly.”

Source: People’s Daily, January 21, 2024