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Li Shenming: The International Financial Crisis Harbors the Revival of Socialism

In an article published in the January 2015 issue of Red Flag Manuscript (which Qiushi republished), Li Shenming, a member of 12th National People’s Congress Standing Committee and former Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, stated that the international financial crisis harbors the revival of socialism and that socialism is the inevitable result of human development. 

At the beginning of the article, the author cited the theory from Marx and Engels’ "Communist Manifesto," which stated that what the bourgeoisie first produces is its own grave. The author, using that logic, concluded that, in this historical process, the deepening of the international financial crisis will harbor the revival of its direct opposite, namely, socialism. 
The author tried to support his conclusion with the following statement: "The international financial crisis is a typical economic crisis of the global production, with a relative surplus and a relative lack of consumer demand. It is the crisis of the capitalist economy, its system, and its values." "The current international financial crisis, which has not bottomed out yet, cannot be resolved in a short period of time." "Technological revolution cannot save capitalism. On the contrary, it worsens the fundamental problems of capitalism." 

The author continued, "At present, there are all kinds of signs indicating that, in a corner of our planet, some people are planning to continue to subvert the world and even disintegrate one or two specific large countries. The plan is to use soft power, that is, ‘color revolution’ as the pioneer and the main force, backed by military hard power. When necessary, they will not even hesitate to launch large unjust wars [to accomplish their purpose]. Based on historical experience, it can be determined that the state that plans the war will not be the first to get involved in the war. Instead, it will do everything possible to provoke other countries to fight each other, wait until others have exhausted their national power, and then harvest the final victory. The hard and soft power plan will be implemented sequentially to divide and conquer the several specific large countries and finally to achieve the goal of still dominating the globe." 

The author claimed that "Lenin’s judgment of our times is not obsolete. Imperialism is war." He warned that [China] needs to guard against the U.S.-led Western world, which might use its hard power under certain conditions in order to eliminate the crisis. At the same time, [China] should be even more vigilant of the [U.S.] using "color revolution" and other soft approaches in the form of finance, ideology, and "street politics." 

 Source: Qiushi, January 8, 2015