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Chinese Scholars: After bin Laden’s death, the U.S. Faces More Difficulties

After the death of bin Laden, Chinese media published articles suggesting the U.S. faces more difficulties down the road. 

Gao Zugui, a CCP’s Central Party School professor wrote on People’s Daily Online, “The first issue is the legitimacy for the U.S. to continue its anti-terrorism actions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. … (The second is) the trend of terrorism has become more diversified and decentralized. … After bin Laden, someone else will become the new leader of Al-Qaeda and the terrorists will be more active.” 
Tsinghua University professor Zhao Kejin said on Global Times that the U.S. faces challenges: “First, whether the U.S. can maintain its world-wide anti-terrorism coalition.” “Second, whether Obama can consolidate the U.S. bipartisan consensus on anti-terrorism.” “Third, how to position anti-terrorism as a strategic priority in national security.”

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