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Israel Changed from Pro-China to Anti-China During the Israel-Hamas War

Israel had a good relationship with Beijing for the past several decades. It provided many advanced technologies to China, and it seldom criticized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for its human rights crimes. For example, Israel provided China with military drone technology and air-to-air missiles. It also shared its fighter jet IAI Lavi with China, leading to the development of China’s own J-10 fighter jet.

However, Beijing decided to take a pro-Hamas position in the Israel-Hamas War, keeping to its anti-U.S. ideology. In doing so, Beijing alienated Israel.

On January 23, when the United Nations reviewed China’s human rights record, Israel’s representative stated that the Israeli government is watching developments in Xinjiang and is monitoring the Uyghur human rights situation there. The representative called for China to take measures to improve its human rights record.

Xinhua followed up by publishing an article to counter Israel, saying that “calling attention to China’s human rights record is ridiculous and a ‘double-standard'” since Israel has been killing civilians and creating a humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Epoch Times, February 2, 2024