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Xi Jinping’s Overall Strategy for the Communist Party to Rule China

On January 29, 2015, the Communist Party website published an article supporting Xi Jinping’s December 2014 speech and the 2015 New Year’s greetings on building a moderately prosperous society throughout China, comprehensively deepening reforms, comprehensively promoting the rule of law, and fully tightening the Party’s discipline. The article stated that this is the high-level overall strategy for the Communist Party to rule China. 

According to the article, “building a moderately prosperous society” is the goal and “deepening reforms” is the driver to reach the goal. “Promoting the rule of law” provides the legal framework for reaching the goal. “Tightening the Party’s discipline” is the organizational measure and the control mechanism to ensure that the goal will be reached. The article stated that the history and the people in China have chosen the Communist Party as the ruling party in China, and that under the current circumstance in China, there is not a single political force that can replace the Communist Party. 
Source: The Communist Party of China website, January 29, 2015