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People’s Daily: Party Leadership on Culture Vital to Fate of Party and Nation

People’s Daily published an article on “adhering to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) leadership on culture and ideology.” The following are some highlights:

Adhering to the Party’s cultural leadership is vital to the future and destiny of the Party and the country. “To adhere to the correct way is to fundamentally uphold Marxism’s guiding position in the ideological realm, and to uphold the CCP’s cultural leadership and the unique identity of Chinese culture.”

Since the 18th CCP National Congress, the Party’s Central Committee with Xi Jinping at its core has stipulated that the Party must manage propaganda, ideology, and media. This means adhering to the principle that [the CCP] politicians should run the newspapers, journals, radio, television, and news websites.

“Our comrades must enhance their awareness of the [ideological] battleground. If we do not occupy these grounds, others will,” Xi Jinping emphasized.

To firmly uphold the Party’s leadership over ideological work, the most basic and crucial thing is to firmly control, with our own hands, the fields of ideology and public opinion. The Party’s propaganda and ideological department “must shoulder responsibility for, be accountable to, and fulfill their duties to” their respective territories.

To guard our positions, the Party and its officials must dare to struggle and be adept at it. Nowadays the struggle in the field of ideology is increasingly sharp and complex. Xi Jinping emphasized that “comrades on the ideological and propaganda front should be warriors, not gentlemen. They should not be neutralists or opportunists who will pick the winning side. There is no room for compromise or concessions in the struggle over ideology.”

Source: People’s Daily, January 23, 2024