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Yuan Guiren: Young Teachers and Students in College Are Hostile Forces’ Main Targets of Infiltration

Chinese Minister of Education Yuan Guiren published an article in the latest issue (3rd issue, 2015) of the Qiushi (Seeking Truth) magazine talking about propaganda and ideological education in colleges. The title of the article was, "Eye on the Larger Direction and the Larger Issues; In This New Situation, Put Enough Effort into Propaganda Work in Universities." Yuan pointed out that the hostile forces infiltrate and focus on dividing such groups as young teachers and students. In recent years, some countries have regarded China’s development and growth as a challenge to the model of their system and to their values. They have [therefore] stepped up their penetration with more subtle and diverse methods. [1] 

On January 29, 2015, the Office of CPC Central Committee and the State Council held an Education Ministry forum on how to implement the direction "on further strengthening and improving the propaganda and ideological education in colleges in the new situation." At the forum, Yuan Guiren said that university teachers must adhere to the political bottom line, the legal bottom line, and the moral bottom line. Yuan pointed out that, for the implementation of the "direction," [we] must strengthen the management of universities’ ideological positions; strengthen the management of the use of original materials from Western countries; not allow the spread of Western values into our classroom materials; never allow remarks attacking and defaming the [Communist] Party’s leadership and discrediting socialism to appear in university classrooms; never allow speech that violates the Constitution and the laws to spread in university classrooms; and never allow teachers to complain, vent grievances in the classroom, or transfer negative emotions to the students. [2] 
Sources: Guancha and Xinhua, February 2, 2015, and January 29, 2015